Under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 people with disabilities should have the same kind of opportunities as all Ontarians. They should be able to do the things that most of people take for granted. 

It is the goal of the Government of Ontario that by 2025, organizations across Ontario meet certain accessibility standards in five important areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Built Environment
  • Employment
  • Information and Communication
  • Transportation


We welcome your comments and feedback about accessibility issues at Camp IAWAH. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact the Accessibilty Advisory Committee.  Feedback can be directed to the attention of the General Director:

For full details on how to get in touch with us, please visit our Contact Us page. 

Accessibility Policy

IAWAH is committed to providing people with disabilities the same level of care and dignity as all guests, and as is reasonably possible, to provide the same opportunity to access our services.

Read the full document GS-500 Customer Service Policy: Accessibility

Disruption of Service

There are no disruptions to Camp IAWAH's services at this time.

Camp IAWAH is committed to informing you if there is a disruption of any areas of our facility that affect accessibility. Before visiting our site you may want to visit this webpage to find out if there are any disruptions of service and any possible alternative options.